The World Temple

The World Temple

The World Temple refers to that aspect of our planet which is structured according to sacred principles: that is to say, which is manifesting the divine planetary archetype and its associated laws.

The overall archetype of all sacred form (i.e. a ‘temple’) consists of three principle archetypes: the Wheel of Life or Mandala, the Chakra System and the Tree of Life. Every temple, natural or man-made, is based on these three design principles. That is to say, every natural and human form of life is designed according to these three and striving to express these three in their fullness. This includes the landscape as well as the whole planet and each human being (although human beings have freewill to strive for such an expression, or not).

Like ourselves, the world is in a process of evolution that is manifesting this archetype gradually, stage by stage, in cycles of progressive development and unfoldment. When each form reaches a fullness of expression of these archetypes, it transmutes (i.e. resurrects) into a body of light—a temple of light, referred to in Western tradition as ‘Solomon's Temple’. Such a body of light consists of shining, exquisitely structured etheric substance. The process by which this occurs is alchemical.

According to one particular perspective, the world chakras, in terms of the landscape, are determined by a spiral flow of energy around the planet, which the Ancients referred to as the World Dragon—the world itself being the Dragon’s Egg. The planetary landscape chakras are the ‘imprints’ of the chakras of this etheric World Dragon upon the land.

This World Dragon is the parent that enfolds, nurtures, warms and enables the world to hatch its celestial form, like the egg laid by Night, impregnated by Boreas and hatched by them both, which produced Eros, the Light.

According to the above perspective, the planetary chakras appear to be located approximately as indicated on the map. Within each planetary chakra are subsidiary chakras and chakra systems, which can be discovered, for instance, in the landscape, and which have a powerful influence on our lives. The main zodiacal influences, incorporated in the chakra system, likewise have a powerful effect on the nations living within their influence.

Much if not all of this was known to certain of our predecessors, as witness the naming of Europe after the myth of Europa and the Bull—Taurus the Bull being the astrological ruler of the throat and Pleiades the Dove being associated with the alta major or 'Holy Spirit' chakra located at the nape of the neck and in the brain stem.

For more detailed information, see 'World Chakras and Zodiac'.

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