Sarah Dawkins

Sarah Dawkins

BSc (Hons)

Sarah Dawkins

Educated at King Edward's Grammar School, Birmingham, and Edinburgh University, Sarah is a Feng-Shui consultant, co-director of Zoence Academy and secretary of the Francis Bacon Research Trust. She organises, teaches and leads workshops and pilgrimages internationally.

Sarah has also been involved in the inception and organisation of Gatekeeper Trust, whose current principal concern, like that of Zoence, is with the art of pilgrimage and its potential for personal and planetary healing. Over the years she has been the secretary and a trustee, and is currently an elder of the Trust.

Working with her husband Peter and Zoence Academy, and the educational charities FBRT and Gatekeeper Trust, Sarah has gained wide experience in designing, organising, leading and co-leading pilgrimages, conferences and workshops in many countries of the world.

One of Sarah's special interests and expertise is Paneurhythmy, a form of dance-yoga, and the wisdom behind it, which she teaches and leads people in dancing. Sarah also teaches circle dance. Both these are often incorporated into workshops and pilgrimages in which Sarah is involved.

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