Landscape Temples

Landscape Temples

'Landscape temple' is a name given by Peter Dawkins to each of those landscapes which have underlying them an integral geomantic energy system with a complete set of chakras and auric field.* They are indeed complete or holy, each one manifesting to some degree or other the Three Great Archetypes and having its own individual character and spirit.

Each landscape temple is, therefore, essentially sacred, as are well-designed man-made temples which incorporate similar principles. These principles are archetypal, divine, and underlie the natural form of the landscape as much as they do the forms of human beings and, indeed, all nature. Many townscapes also have similar features, either consciously created or occurring naturally as a result of the influence of the Great Archetypes on man's intuitive sense of appropriateness.

Each landscape temple is an energy field affecting our health, vitality and consciousness; hence the importance of landscape temples cannot be underestimated, since we live (and have to live) in natural environments, whatever we might build within them. They can be enhanced and kept healthy by what we do or build, or they can be impaired, polluted or crippled by our ignorant actions and selfish intentions. There is a right approach to a full consciousness of such landscapes, and proper preparation and training is an essential part of this. Such an approach can be likened to that of a temple server or a pilgrim.

  • Pilgrimage is one way in which such landscapes are kept healthy and flowing with vitality from one sacred site or power point to another. Geocosmological pilgrimage is a further step forward in this art— for it is an art, based on a science.
  • The celebration of festivals—especially the Great Festivals—in the right places, is another way in which landscape temples can be kept healthy and, indeed, increasingly vivified and helped to ‘shine’.

Like the human body, the body of the world (of which the landscape is part) can be gradually transformed and transmuted into an etheric body of light. When achieved, this light can shine even through the physical form, just as it does with human beings (e.g. when our eyes shine, our faces light up, and an aura of light shines from us). This is heaven on earth; this is the earthly paradise. It is a state of love and joy. We can create it all the time, a little at a time; it is an on-going task, like a candle burning, creating its light.
Zoence is designed to introduce you to and train you in this knowledge and art.

*Knowledge of landscape temples, and how best to live and work in them, is very ancient; but has been largely a lost science for the last three centuries or more. Since the 1960's Peter Dawkins has been pioneering the rediscovery of landscape temples and making knowledge of their existence, and how to enhance and work with them in healing and uplifting ways, increasingly more public. Many people across the world are now involved in such work.

Every year more landscape temples are discovered and researched, and, where relevant, the use made of them by previous cultures identified and studied, as this often gives clues not only to how the landscapes affect us but also to how we can best use them and develop that use to the advantage of all—mankind and nature.

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