Zoence Academy teaches via talks, seminars and workshops, plus books, dvds, cds and downloadable information sheets and study papers available from this website.

Talks, seminars and workshops will be found listed under Events, which will show the programme of events for each year. This programme is regularly updated. Once the full details of each event have been confirmed, the link for each event in the programme will take you to a full description of the event together with venue, cost and other details.

Books, DVDs and CDs are available via the Bookshop and can be purchased online. Once purchased, they will be sent to you by post.

Information sheets are available free on this website and can be found listed under Info Sheets. They will be added to from time to time, and updated whenever appropriate.

Zoence Basics, a set of four information sheets, is recommended as essential reading prior to participating in any Zoence event. They introduce in a simple-to-read form the three Great Archetypes which underlie all manifest life. Zoence works with these three Great Archetypes.  Reading Zoence Basics you will give you some idea of the concepts with which we work, the language and symbolism we use, and, in the case of the Wheel of Life, how we lay it out as a mandala so as to create our ‘temple’ or sacred space.

The following Information Sheets constitute Zoence Basics:

Zoence workshops provide a practical education and training in one or other or all three of these Great Archetypes and how they govern and manifest in ourselves, our lives and our environment. Each workshop is tailor-made to suit its time and place and appropriateness.

The Zoence DVD, 'Creating a Wheel of Life Mandala', is highly recommended, as it demonstrates how to create an ‘alchemical’ Wheel of Life mandala. This is the most fundamental, integrative and harmonising form of all, which not only rebalances all energies in the environment but also creates a ‘temple’ or sacred space in which consciousness can expand and be inspired. In most of the Zoence workshops we make a mandala together as a group, not only to create a sacred space and raise consciousness but also because of its usefulness as a teaching aid. It helps greatly if each workshop participant comes knowing something of how to make a Wheel of Life mandala. In some cases it is essential, and entry to some workshops is conditional on knowing how to make a Wheel of Life mandala the Zoence way. The DVD is available from the Bookshop.

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