About Zoence

ZOENCE,* which means 'science and art of life' or ‘pathways of the soul’, takes its name from the Greek word 'Zoe' meaning 'life'. It is a science and art of living in harmony with ourselves, our environment, the planet and the cosmos.

Developed from the Wisdom traditions of the West, such as Rosicrucianism, Neoplatonism, and the Hermetic, Magian, Hebraic, Orphic, Classical, Celtic and Christian traditions, Zoence also has its parallels in Eastern philosophy and practice.**

Synthesising and drawing on the essence of these ancient traditions, Zoence presents the fundamental truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.

  • Zoence is a science of harmony and creativity, the practice of which is an art, capable of producing beauty and joy not only in our lives and the lives of others but also in our home and work environment, our townscape and landscape, and our world.
  • Zoence is about balancing and harmonising the opposites in love, consciously uniting heaven and earth, spirit and matter, immortal and mortal, lover and beloved, heart and mind, etc., and bringing about that harmony, beauty and joy which is true healing, holiness and peace.
  • Zoence provides us with a working knowledge of the higher laws of life and develops our sensitivity, intuitive awareness and perceptive understanding.
  • Zoence helps us to create harmonious relationships between ourselves as human beings, between ourselves and our environment, and between ourselves and all nature.

*The word ‘Zoence’ was invented in the 1980s. It is a registered trademark, Zoence®, belonging to Peter Dawkins and applicable to the Zoence philosophy as taught by Peter and Sarah Dawkins.
**The Wisdom Tradition, although ancient in origin, is a living tradition, inspired by the spirit, informed by human observation and experience, embodied and taught by the prophets and sages, and constantly being enriched and developed as human understanding and experience evolves. It thus takes on different forms for different cultures and ages. Zoence is one of these forms and is likewise a living, evolving entity.

Initiation, Geocosmology and Landscape Temples form an integral part of this great Wisdom Tradition.

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