Landscape Zodiacs

Landscape Zodiacs

Zodiac is the Greek word for a circle or wheel of life. Chakra is the Hindu-Vedic word. A zodiac is a chakra. It is, perhaps, the most fundamental energy form existing in nature and the whole universe. The expanding circles or ripples caused by a pebble dropped in water is an example. The light shining within and from a candle flame is another. It is representative of life expressing itself, radiating out from a centre or heart into the boundless circle of the universe.

A celestial expression of this same truth, as seen from the earth, is the sun’s path in the sky, called the ecliptic, which is a circle around a hidden centre (the Occult Pole). It is this, together with a twelve-fold geometric division of the circle and its accompanying mythology, which is what most people associate with the word ‘zodiac’.

The greatest expression of a chakra, zodiac or wheel of life is as light, which radiates out from its centre and encompasses the centre with rainbow circles of light. A chakra or zodiac, when fully expressing itself with love, becomes both a blaze of light and a rainbow wheel of life.

A landscape temple is composed of a chakra system, each chakra being a landscape zodiac. Also, every landscape zodiac can contain its own smaller landscape temples. “Wheels within wheels” is a biblical way of expressing this truth.

Over millennia, a pattern and system of mythology has been devised to help us understand the geometry and functioning of zodiacs and their various parts, how they relate to cycles and key moments of time, how they affect us, and what we can do to help, enhance and work in partnership with each zodiac. In other words, to discover what is the right thing to do in the right place, at the right time, and with the right orientation. This is the pattern we have projected onto the sky as the celestial zodiac, and also onto the earth – onto landscape zodiacs we either discover or create.

Each landscape zodiac has an angel (‘divine thought’) underlying it, which can be seen clairvoyantly as a spiritual being or thoughtform of light located at the centre of the zodiac and rising from that centre like an axis of light linking heaven and earth. Such angels have their own chakra systems and auras of varying shapes and sizes, the most fundamental of which arch outwards to create domes of light, like fountains of light. Where these auras touch the ground, circles of light are created. The earth energies respond to and mimic these angelic forces as best as they can. The angels, also known as spirits, intelligences or messengers, can be understood as divine blueprints of thought. Nature does its best to manifest these designs and beautify them, the human being included, for each human being has his or her own angel – as also do plants, flowers and trees, only then the associated angels are usually called nature beings.

The knowledge of landscape zodiacs, like landscape temples, is an ancient science which is being rediscovered today. Most landscape zodiacs are natural, but some are manmade as a result of attuning to what is best for or required by the environment. Man, male or female, has the ability to call angels to manifest themselves on earth, thereby setting up magic circles of energy filled with the presence of the divine. This is also the science behind churches, temples, and all holy places. But each one needs honouring, nourishing, maintaining and working with in love; for, like all things, they can come and go. The presence of the divine, which is love, is everywhere, but how well it manifests depends on us and nature, and the loving effort put into it.

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