The Orphic Mysteries

In this Fintry Trust Zoom meeting Peter and Sarah Dawkins will bring different perspectives to the important subject of the Orphic Mysteries. Peter will look first at the connection between these Mysteries and the landscape of the Rila and Rhodope Mountains (present day Bulgaria), where it is believed that they originated. Orpheus is seen as ... Read more


Exploring the Beauty of Portugal: Paneurhythmy Retreat

Casa Fuzetta Casa Fuzetta, Travessa Heliodoro Salgado 7,, Olhao, Algarve, Portugal

A living circle of beauty, harmony and unity with Nature Led by Sarah Dawkins and hosted by Jonathan and Tara at Casa Fuzetta in Olhao, in the eastern Algarve of Portugal. The purpose of this retreat is to learn about and enjoy the movements of Paneurhythmy in the beautiful landscape of the Algarve with like-minded ... Read more

Swan Flight: The Third Heaven

A 4-day celebration of the Quatercentenary of the 1624 great cipher manual, Cryptomenytices et Cryptographiae. This hybrid event, part on-site and part with talks on Zoom by Peter Dawkins, will include a 3-day site visit in Germany to Celle, Hitzacker and Luneburg led by Oliver and Heidemarie Falldorf, and a 1-day site visit in England ... Read more

Inspiring Beauty

Dancing and singing from the heart: led by Sarah Dawkins and Andrew Clark. Come and enjoy the beauty of dancing Paneurhythmy and singing in Nature. Paneurhythmy is a joyful, meditational dance-exercise which has a profound philosophy associated with it. It was created by the Bulgarian Teacher Beinsa Duono in the Rila mountains at the beginning ... Read more