Sarah offers Paneurhythmy during many of the Zoence workshops and pilgrimages. Sarah also offers workshops which enable us to learn the movements and to go deeper into the meanings of the Paneurhythmy.

Paneurhythmy is a joyful, meditational exercise-dance originating in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria, arising from the work of the great spiritual teacher Beinsa Douno.

Literally the word ‘Paneurhythmy’ means ‘the movements and rhythms of the universe’. Working with the energies of Nature, Paneurhythmy is danced in the landscape, in the mornings, between the spring and autumn equinoxes. The simple, graceful movements each have a deep meaning and healing power on the dancers and on the environment. The joyful, meditational dance involves gentle exercise linking our mind and our body, relieving stress and tension, and relaxing ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno consciously linked strongly to the Thracian tradition of the Orphic Mysteries, which originated in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, and which has the central tenant of God is Love, and Nature, including ourselves, humanity, are created to manifest this love.

Douno envisioned the new Golden Age and created the Paneurhythmy to help us to dance into the golden light of the new era in as gentle and harmonious a way as possible. By dancing the Paneurhythmy, we connect with the golden thread of consciousness that weaves between the ages of time and the landscape.

Love judges not, is not limited
It does no harm to anyone.
Its flame is sacred; it burns all that is impure,
Melts all that is pure, and turns it into gold

Paneurhythmy brings life, power, joy and beauty within the human soul.

The Dance

The dance has three parts, played to inspiring and beautiful music: -

1) the first part is a series of 28 exercises danced with a partner moving around in a circle, the centre being symbolic of the sun or source, the movements being gentle and balancing;

2) the second part is called Sunbeams where the dancers radiate from the centre as the spokes of the wheel, symbolising the zodiac, and help to create a channel for the spiritual light to flow into our lives and nature;

3) in the third part we embody that light by creating the Pentagram, the five-pointed star pattern with the qualities of Truth, Love, Wisdom, Justice and Virtue. These qualities are sent out into the consciousness of the world to help harmonise and balance ourselves and nature.

The Paneurhythmy is based on the laws of correspondence between archetypal ideas, sacred words, spiritual music and specific movements or gestures.

Before we dance, we first greet the elementals and spiritual presences of the landscape, the Gatekeepers, with one of Beinsa Douno's formulas: -

“Kindly Luminous Beings, guardians of this place;
please grant us your hospitality and may God bless you.”

and afterwards we give thanks: -

"Kindly Luminous Beings, guardians of this place;
Thank you for your hospitality and may God bless you."

Beinsa Douno spoke of his life's mission very beautifully: -

I have come to manifest love and bring it to Earth
My purpose is to arouse the beautiful, the powerful,
Deposited within you since time immemorial.


paneurhythmy video
This video gives a wonderful sense of the Paneurhythmy as it is danced today in the Rila Mountains.


  • David Lorimer: (available on Amazon)
    Prophet for our Times: the Life and Teachings of Peter Deunov
    The Circle of Sacred Dance – Peter Deunov's Paneurhythmy
    – a deep exposition of the philosophy of the dance and very clear description of the movements.
  • Beinsa Douno: Paneurhythmy presented by Krum Vazharov and Maria Mitovska.
    (a booklet available from Sarah – email:
  • Music: A wonderful audio disk ‘Paneurhythmy’ – violin and guitar by Yoanna Strateva and Bojidar Simov:

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