The Mysteries Series Short Videos

Peter Dawkins, in conversation with Saira Salmon, talks about the various Mysteries, such as the Dionysian, Orphic, Eleusinian, Druidic, Arthurian, Christian and Rosicrucian Mysteries, and the essential truths common to all.

  1. 'The Mysteries' (13:59)
  2. 'The Mysteries and the Landscape Temple' (12:21)
  3. 'The Mysteries and the Three Lands' (6:40)
  4. 'The Mysteries: Europa and the Bull' (15:12)
  5. 'The Dionysian Mysteries' (17:38)
  6. 'The Eleusinian and Other Mysteries' (23:20)

Wisdom Videos

Building the Light Body video

Building the Light Body

An illustrated seminar given by Peter Dawkins
(2 Parts: 3 hrs)
Available on Vimeo

Creating a Wheel of Life Mandala

Demonstration by Sarah & Peter Dawkins

Peter and Sarah Dawkins demonstrate how to lay out a Wheel of Life, one of the most fundamental of the great archetypes of life, as a mandala using the symbolic elements of earth, air, fire and water, so as to create a 'temple' or sacred space which can then be used for healing, meditation, prayer, illumination, inspiration, or just relaxing peacefully. Such a mandala can also bring into balance and harmony the energies of a room, house or even a larger environment, depending on how well it is done.

Video (stream/download)

Video - running time 64 mins
Price: £5.29
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Gatekeeper Videos

The Gatekeeper

Talk by Peter Dawkins at Gatekeeper Trust Conference 2016
(26 mins)

Wisdom in the Land

Talk by Peter Dawkins at Gatekeeper Trust Conference 2016
(26 mins)

Working with the Consciousness of Nature

Talk by Peter Dawkins at Gatekeeper Trust Conference 2018 (66 mins)

Other Videos

An Interview with Peter Dawkins

Peter Dawkins interviewed by Carly Newfeld, recorded in Santa Fe in November 2007.

In this comprehensive 2-hr interview Peter talks about a wide range of topics that are close to his heart, from sacred architecture, landscape temples and God as the Great Architect of Nature, to inner teachers, angels, the Western Wisdom traditions, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, the wisdom of Shakespeare, and power points in time and space.

Video (stream/download)

Video - running time 120 mins
Price: £5.95
Available on Vimeo On Demand