Zoence Academy teaches via talks, seminars and workshops, plus books, dvds, cds and downloadable information sheets and study papers available from this website.

Talks, seminars and workshops will be found listed under Events, which will show the programme of events for each year. This programme is regularly updated. Once the full details of each event have been confirmed, the link for each event in the programme will take you to a full description of the event together with venue, cost and other details.

Mystery Schools

The Zoence Mystery School operates via the special events and geocosmological pilgrimages. These will be found listed under Events, which show the programme of events for each year. All these are part of a greater mystery that Zoence is acting out, playing its role in the World Mystery as an act of service.

Not surprisingly, for millennia it has been noted that we need help in this, not only to perceive that life is a mystery and we are actors in it, but also to understand it, discover our roles, perform our parts well and become co-authors.


Initiation—a word derived from the Latin words initio (‘begin’, ‘originate’), initium (‘a beginning’) and ineo (‘go in’, ‘enter upon’, ‘begin’), from in (‘in’) + eo (‘go’)—refers primarily to entering consciously into an experience and knowledge of the mystery of life. This is not just an intellectual knowledge but also an intuitive and experiential knowledge, the ultimate purpose being that the initiate should become the knower—a knower of the truth. This truth is the wisdom, the secret of life itself. To truly know the truth means living the truth, or living in truth. It means being able to answer the question “What is truth?” not just by explaining it but also by manifesting it.

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