Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions, and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.
These core truths are taught and shared by means of various types of events (talks, seminars, workshops, paneurhythmy, and special events and pilgrimages designed as mysteries), as well as videos, books, essays and information sheets.
Zoom meetings are also arranged for friends of Zoence.

Latest News

2021 Events

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all events such as pilgrimages are in abeyance, but we hope to resume some of them later in the year or in 2022. The situation is being constantly reviewed, and we will announce here when we intend to go ahead with any event and that it is possible to book for it.

Zoom Meetings and Talks

In lieu of actual events, Zoom meetings and talks, by invitation, are continuing during 2021 for those who have been involved in and committed to our major pilgrimage projects in Europe, namely the Golden Child Pilgrimages, Swan Line Pilgrimages and Exterland Zodiac.


Videos of the talks given by Peter and Sarah Dawkins at the Gatekeeper Trust (Virtual) Annual Conference 2020 'Loving the Land' are available to view online: -

Peter Dawkins: 'Loving the Land'

Sarah Dawkins: 'Personal reflections – Stratford and surrounds'

Upcoming Events