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2023 in the 12-year Jupiter-Kalki-Kali Cycle

This year, 2023, is the fourth year of the 'end-time' 12-year Jupiter-Kalki-Kali cycle. For this, the creative zodiac sign is Aquarius, whilst the responsive sign is Leo. For most people it is the responsive sign that will be most apparent, in terms of what it brings out in people and society generally, and what challenges it will bring.

Leo rules the heart, but the heart may not necessarily be pure all through, even though the innermost core does remain pure for everyone. The great task, especially with Leo challenging us, is to make the heart as pure as possible – pure meaning pure in love, pure in compassion for others, friendly, loving, humble, but also strong and, when needed, courageous.

The Leo challenge is not to be overbearingly egoistic and simply desire power and fame for oneself – power over others, at all costs, and fame in the eyes of as many others as possible. This goes together with seeking fortunes at the expense of others, although the main challenge for greed occurred last year, when the responsive sign was Virgo and the focus was on the solar plexus. Since then we have been through the ‘Veil’. Some will have passed through easily, some not. This year, such things will become very apparent.

Aquarius will be working away in the background, and steadily raising our thinking to higher and better levels of comprehension and ways of doing things together. Indeed, this year could be revolutionary, but hopefully in peaceful, good ways, dissolving the old ways that are no longer useful or which haven’t been good anyway, and inventing new and much better ways of living as a caring, sharing society, and helping to bring out the best in each of us.

The pure in heart will see God – that is, they will see the good, the true, the wise and shining possibility and future. Aquarius will lift the pure Leo hearts up so that they can see, can envision the possible future, and start to make it manifest on earth.

Zoence is dedicated to helping this happen.

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