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2024 in the 12-year Jupiter-Kalki-Kali Cycle

Midwinter, 21 December 2020, was when a great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurred. This began a new great conjunction cycle of approximately 20 years, which is the last great conjunction cycle of the Great Age now ending, and the first of the new Great Age now beginning, hence known as a Kalki-Kali cycle. It could also be referred to as an Alpha-Omega cycle or period of time, which the mystery schools symbolised by the AA hieroglyph.

Jupiter itself has a planetary cycle of 12 years, as seen from the Earth, whilst Saturn has a cycle of approximately 29.5 years (usually rounded off as c. 30 years). Saturn, known as Kronos to the Greeks, is nicknamed 'Father Time', the Hierophant of hierophants, who rules over Golden Ages of wisdom, peace and prosperity. He is also known as the Gatekeeper, who tests and judges whether someone is good enough to enter a Golden Age. Jupiter, known as Zeus to the Greeks, is Saturn's son, and is associated with mercy, teaching and friendship. Jupiter's role, as the right-hand of his father Saturn, is to help people to become good and wise enough to enter the Golden Age. Jupiter therefore gives us opportunities to express our love and peaceful intentions, to become wise, to help others, and to work out the best ways to enter a Golden Age, whilst Saturn carries on testing everyone.

Jupiter's planetary cycle of 12 years gives us 12 opportunities, as well as challenges, to do our very best. These 12 opportunities are associated with traversing the 12 signs in a precessionary way, starting in 2020 with Taurus as the creative sign and Scorpio as the responsive sign.

This year, 2024, is the fifth year of the 'end-time' 12-year Jupiter-Kalki-Kali cycle. For this, the creative zodiac sign is Capricorn, whilst the responsive sign is Cancer.

Capricorn rules the knees, wherein are two minor chakras. (It is also associated with the third level of the crown chakra, Pisces being the first level, and Aquarius the second, but these are levels of enlightenment.) In many cultures one kneels when making prayers for the good of others. Besides activating the two minor chakras of the knees, kneeling is a sign of humility, and prayers are only efficacious when there is true humility born out of love for others and love for the Universal Love, plus a desire to serve this love in loving ways.

Cancer rules the lungs, so is involved in breathing – and breath brings life. Astrologically, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the sign is also associated with the breasts of a woman, and thus with feeding and nourishing children. The lungs surround the heart, which means that Cancer, like Leo (which is ruled by the Sun), is part of the heart chakra, but whereas Leo at its best is linked with the wisdom of the heart, Cancer at its best is linked with the intelligence of the heart.

Symbols and allegories associated with Capricorn and Cancer are a goat (Capricorn), and a crab (Cancer). Goats are able to leap agilely up mountains to the very top; crabs crawl along sea beds. This signals to us that Capricorn and Cancer are polar opposites, perhaps more so than any other twinned signs. And whereas Cancer is ruled by the Moon, our closest 'planet', Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, once known as the outermost planet of our solar system. For this reason, Saturn is known as the Hierophant of the Mysteries, the Teacher and Tester, who sits enthroned at the boundary gateway between what is within the solar system and what lies beyond.

This undoubtedly means that the world's humanity will appear to be even more polarised or divided from each other than before, especially in our thinking, and thoughts lead to actions, sometimes too hastily, leaving no time to think again and find the middle path. So the challenge this year, which will be a major test, will be whether our thoughts and actions are too much to the left or too much to the right, and whether we can find the middle path – the wise, intelligent path of harmony, beauty, love and joy.

The challenge will also be as to whether we can nourish and care for each other sufficiently, as most mothers love and care for their children.

Another challenge, which is always with us, is whether we can love enough and do enough good so as to overcome evil. We are told by the Great Teachers that love is the greatest power and can do anything, but we first have to learn how to wield this power, which does not work in ways that most people associate with power. As another saying goes, "Love works in mysterious ways". We therefore have to understand the mystery.

Zoence works with the mysteries in an endeavour to understand the Great Mystery.

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