Bad Pyrmont

Bad Pyrmont

Bad Pyrmont is a popular spa resort located on the River Emmer in the middle of the charming Weserbergland in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany.

The town is famous for its park and nine medicinal springs, mud spa and a carbon dioxide natural gas spring. It has many clinics and health centres for various treatments and relaxation, and its large park is one of the finest in Germany, with a renowned outdoor palm garden adjacent to a moated baroque castle.

Bad Pyrmont is also highly recommended for its art and culture. As well as all-year-round spa concerts, well-known artists and groups are regular guests to the Spa, providing an attractive programme ranging from classic to pop, theatre, cabaret and jazz. In addition, the Pyrmonter Theatre Company stages performances in the open-air courtyard of the castle during the summer, and there are regular festivals and conferences.

The town nestles in a valley (the ‘Valley of the Springing Fountains’) embraced by beautiful wooded hills. This special landscape forms one of the major chakras of the Exterland landscape temple and zodiac.

Bad Pyrmont’s  location is about 35 km from the Externsteine (‘Dragon Stones’), an ancient centre of Celtic-Christian spirituality, which marks the centre of a vast and important landscape zodiac—the Exterland Zodiac. The root chakra and entrance to the Exterland Zodiac is marked by Hameln, located on the River Weser. Bad Pyrmont lies approx. 20 km from Hameln and is on the main railway line from Hanover to Paderborn via Hameln.

Bad Pyrmont has its own chakra system that follows the main axis of the old spa town centre. The heart centre is the main square where several mineral springs fountain up to the surface, one of which was revered by the original local Germanic tribe as an important sacred spring and ritual centre, into which they placed valuable offerings.

Remarkably the town’s chakra axis forms the main north-south axis of a geomantic zodiac or wheel of life, some of whose eight major power points on the wheel’s circumference have been intuitively marked by Pyrmonters over the years, and the remainder of which have been marked recently and deliberately once the energy wheel had become consciously recognised, surveyed and dowsed.

In addition to the town’s cultural programme, various lectures, seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects are given regularly at Bad Pyrmont, together with Zoence weekends exploring the Exterland landscape and its cosmology. Pilgrimages encircling Bad Pyrmont’s zodiac are also conducted, with music, poetry and talks, celebrating and explaining the zodiac and its eight power points.

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