Peter Dawkins

Peter Dawkins

MA (Cantab), Dip.Arch.

Peter Dawkins

Peter is a philosopher, author, lecturer, visionary, geomancer, Zoence consultant and teacher, and a Baconian and Shakespearean scholar. He is the founder of Zoence Academy, which he runs in partnership with his wife Sarah, and of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, of which he is the principal, and a co-founder of Gatekeeper Trust, of which he is now an elder.

Having practised as an architect for ten years in both England and Scotland, since 1978 Peter has devoted himself full-time to research and educational work in connection with the world’s wisdom traditions, mythology, sacred architecture and landscape. He teaches mostly through seminars, workshops and pilgrimages to sacred sites of the world.

Concerned especially with the harmonious relationship of humanity with both the spiritual and natural worlds, Peter’s pioneering researches have led directly to a developing art and science of ‘landscape temples’ and ‘geomantic pilgrimage’, and their association with the heavenly, angelic, spiritual or archetypal realms of existence. This, together with his knowledge and synthesis of the wisdom traditions, has been named ‘Zoence’.

Since the early 1970’s Peter has introduced many people of different nations to the concept and experience of both sacred landscape and townscape. His especial focus in this respect is on establishing and training groups to research and work with landscape temples, as well as with themselves, in healing and life-enhancing ways. To help this, he has since the 1980’s been involved in the development and teaching of Zoence.

The Baconian work, which is likewise involved with knowledge of the landscape as well as history, philosophy, culture and consciousness, concerns one of the great doorways into the otherwise esoteric Western Wisdom Tradition. Shakespeare and the Rosicrucians are part of this story. Peter’s book, The Shakespeare Enigma, presents the treasure trail that leads to (and is) this ‘doorway’, whilst its complementary book, Building Paradise, describes what the Baconian-Rosicrucian method and work actually is.

Besides seminars on Bacon, the Rosicrucians and the wisdom traditions, which he has been giving since 1979, Peter has given Wisdom of Shakespeare seminars and workshops since the mid-1980s, including at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London, and advises actors and directors. Complementing this is his series of books on the Wisdom of Shakespeare in the Shakespeare plays, plus other books and writings.

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