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Exploring the Beauty of Portugal: The Central Pillar of Harmony and Bliss

11/05/2022 @ 17:00 - 19/05/2022 @ 17:00

A geomantic pilgrimage led by Peter and Sarah Dawkins, Jonathan Tod and Tara Donovan, travelling by coach up the spine of Portugal and visiting Faro, Beja, Evora, Avis, Proenca-a-Nova, Oleiros, Viseu, Lamego, Douro River, Montalegre, Lugo, Viveiro, and Bilbao on the northern coast of Galicia, Spain.

The purpose of this pilgrimage is to explore, learn about, enjoy and enhance the ‘Middle Pillar’ of a magical landscape temple in Portugal, which rises up through the centre of Portugal from Faro on the Algarve to Montalegre on the Portuguese border with Galicia in northern Spain. We will visit a series of important sites—beautiful landscapes and great buildings in special locations.

Europe takes its name from the classical myth of Europa and the Bull, and mainland Europe can be seen imaginatively as a ‘bull’ with the British Isles seated on its neck as ‘Europa’. Spain and Portugal are the ‘head of the bull’, with Portugal forming the ‘face of the bull’. Sintra, which is just north of Lisbon, has been known as ‘the Nose of Europe’ for centuries. The vital importance of this is that, as the wisdom teachings say, “Through the face is revealed the beauty of the heart,” but only if we help make it happen.

We are making this journey as a pilgrimage, in the sense of honouring the places by greeting, appreciating and enjoying them, their people and each other. We have two principles which we endeavour as a group to fulfil, which are to make the effort to love who we are with, wherever we are and whatever we are doing, and to do the right thing in the right place, at the right time, with the right intention. In this way we can enhance the places and the whole landscape temple, enthusing it with love and thereby helping to transform the energies into an ethereal fountain of light. In such ways, we help to build the light body of the planet.

In addition, by pilgrimaging in this way within the ‘face’ of the Bull of Europe, we can help Europe to metaphorically breathe its physical breath in conjunction with the more spiritual breath associated with the alta-major chakra that is represented by the British Isles (Europa). The two breaths, breathing in harmony, are what are needed.

For further information, including cost and booking, see PDF: Exploring the Beauty of Portugal: The Central Pillar of Harmony and Bliss.’


11/05/2022 @ 17:00
19/05/2022 @ 17:00


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