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Milan & Prospero’s Magic

October 20 @ 17:00 - 19:00

20-22 & 25-27 October, & 3 November  2024

A hybrid event, part pilgrimage and part with talks, attunements and sharing on Zoom.

In the Shakespeare play, The Tempest, Prospero is the Duke of Milan. During the play we discover that Prospero is a magus – a magician in the initiatory sense, who has acquired the wisdom to become a master of nature. The play shows how he demonstrates and develops his mastery by means of acting as a hierophant, teaching, testing and transforming the various characters as a redeemer and saviour of human souls. These characters represent the various levels of humanity, from the basest and most corrupt, to the most virtuous and pure in heart.

Why Prospero was made the Duke of Milan, rather than of another place, is part of the Mystery – a Mystery that we shall delve into during this hybrid event – a Mystery that concerns the whole of Europe in particular and the whole world in general, and is of particular relevance at this momentous and dangerous time in world history.

This hybrid event is being carried out not only as a Mystery of Shakespeare event but also as a pilgrimage in Milan and local landscapes elsewhere in which pilgrims’ feet on the ground, coupled with their meditations and prayers, can help further the hermetic marriage of heaven and earth by enacting a key part of the Swan Mystery on the stage of the world.

For this hybrid event, there will be three types of attendees: (1) Talk attendees, (2) Virtual pilgrims, and (3) Milan pilgrims.

  1. The Talk attendees are those who would like to attend the three pre-pilgrimage talks on Zoom by Peter Dawkins and Julia Cleave.
  2. The Virtual pilgrims will comprise those who cannot be in Milan for this event, but who can take part ‘virtually’ in all the Zoom talks and other Zoom meetings wherever they are in the world, and who can carry out a pilgrimage in their own chosen area.
  3. The Milan pilgrims will be those who are able to be in Milan for this event. They will be there as a small group or groups of friends, and entirely responsible for themselves, but with a plan of action for each day. They will take part ‘virtually’ in all the Zoom talks and other Zoom meetings.

The event will be introduced by three pre-pilgrimage talks on Zoom – two by Peter Dawkins and one by Julia Cleave – which all Talk attendees, Virtual pilgrims and Milan pilgrims will be able to attend. There will be a question & answer time after each talk.

Peter will talk about the importance of Milan in the Swan of Europe landscape temple, and its significance in terms of the ‘Great Pillars’ of Europe (the Gallic Axis, Swan Line, and Nilotic Meridian) and the Herculean Line that links them. He will show how it is part of the enactment of the Europa and Bull Mystery (or Dionysus/Bacchus Swan Mystery), which is happening right now, and how pilgrimage helps. He will also share his insights into why Milan was chosen as the dukedom of Prospero in Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, and the science of the mystery connected with this.

Julia will talk about the alchemy in Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest.

These three pre-pilgrimage talks on Zoom will take place on:

  1. Sunday 20 October (17:00-19:00 UK time) – Peter Dawkins
  2. Monday 21 October (17:00-19:00 UK time) – Julia Cleave
  3. Tuesday 22 October (17:00-19:00 UK time) – Peter Dawkins

The 3-day pilgrimage in Milan will take place on Friday 25 October, Saturday 26 October, and Sunday 27 October 2024.


  • For Talk attendees, the cost is £75 per person.
    (The cost includes 3 pre-pilgrimage Zoom talks + Q&A time.)
    For further information and booking, please contact the organiser.
  • For Virtual pilgrims – please contact the organiser for further information and booking.
  • For Milan Pilgrims – no more places available.


October 20
17:00 - 19:00
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