Valles Caldera Zodiac

Valles Caldera Zodiac

The Valles Caldera is one of three active calderas in the United States and one of only six known land-based supervolcanoes in the world. It is located in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico, not far from Santa Fe. The circular rim of the caldera measures approximately 12-13 miles (19-21 kilometres) in diameter and the highest point within it is Redondo Peak (11,258 feet above sea level). The volcano is estimated to have been at one time nearly three times higher than Mt Everest. There have been various eruptions on this site, the present caldera having been formed about 1.2 million years ago, which bathed the surrounding area with more than 180 cubic miles (750 cubic kilometres) of ash and lava that created the Bandelier Tuff ignimbrite plateaus on all sides of the caldera.

The Jemez Mountains lie at the southern end of the Rio Grande Valley, on its western side. To the east, on the other side of the valley, is the Sangre de Christo range of mountains, beneath the southern end of which nestles Santa Fe. The Jemez Volcanic Field, including the Valles Caldera, lies above the intersection of the Rio Grande Rift, which runs north-south through New Mexico, and the Jemez Lineament, which extends from south-eastern Arizona north-east to the westernmost part of Oklahoma.

Geomantically, it is one of the most exciting and energised areas of North America. In Native American tradition this area is known as the ‘fire’ area of North America, which is balanced by the ‘water’ area of the Great Lakes. It forms the ‘Venus’ centre of North America’s geomantic ‘Tree of Life’ (see ‘North America’ information paper), associated with the fundamental principles of Friendship and Freedom. From this point of view it is of vital importance for the United States of America, which prides itself in being dedicated to the ideal of Freedom.

After many years of research and visionary (shamanic) guidance, the Valles Caldera revealed itself to me as the centre of a great zodiac or landscape chakra, whose wheel of energy reaches out many miles on either side. The circumscribing circle of this zodiac passes through the Ghost Ranch, one-time home of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, and Chimney Rock to the north, with the Chimney Rock forming its North Point and cusp of the Gemini-Taurus signs (sectors) of this zodiac. I tend to rename Chimney Rock as Finger Rock, as this is the place to which the finger of Orion points to in the zodiac – the ‘finger’ that traditionally and symbolically represents the ‘Finger of God’. This is the Alpha-Omega point, associated with creation and revelation – the creation of a new cycle of existence and the revelation or completion of a cycle.

As in all zodiacs, which represent circles of space and cycles of time, there are eight major power points, of which the north point is one. They mark the major directions of space – north, south, east, west and the quarter-directions. In this landscape zodiac, all eight of them have been identified and each has its overlighting angel or spirit ‘marking the spot’ as it were. However, the ‘spot’ is an area of land within which are several appropriate sites which work as geomantic centres honouring that zodiacal power point. For this reason I am not going to describe them as we know them but rather show you the map with the Valles Caldera landscape zodiac drawn on it. With this map and the clues already given, you should be able to find the places for yourself, if you feel called to do so. (N.B. Not all the sites may be accessible without permission.)

As the whole circle defines one of the major ‘Tree of Life’ chakras (zodiacs) of North America, to pilgrimage around this circle in a spirit of love and friendship, suitably acknowledging each of the eight major power points, would be not only a great thing to do but also one of immense benefit to each pilgrim, to the area and its communities, and to America as a whole, just as the famous pilgrimage along the Spanish Camino to Santiago de Compostela bestows such benefits to all.

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