Revelation & Celebration

Schleswig, North Germany – Himmelbjerget, Jutland, Denmark – Jotunheimen Mountains, Norway

A Golden Child ‘Quantum’ Pilgrimage led by Peter and Sarah Dawkins. The ‘Golden Child’ refers to the good or golden heart, both of humanity and of nature. The Golden Child pilgrimages are designed to act as a prayer, working with key power-points in nature and the archetypal wisdom in the Dionysian mythology, to help rescue, ... Read more

Paneurhythmy: a Living Circle of Beauty, Harmony and Unity with Nature

A talk on Zoom by Sarah Dawkins for Fintry Trust. Paneurhythmy is a joyful, meditational exercise-dance originating in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria. It arose from the work of the great spiritual teacher Beinsa Douno. The word Paneurhythmy means 'Supreme Cosmic Rhythm'. It is a profound way to connect to Nature and to harmonise and ... Read more