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The Swan Flight through the Seven Heavens of the Rosicrucian Mysteries: The First Heaven

24/07/2021 @ 09:00 - 25/07/2021 @ 18:30


Zoom talks by Peter Dawkins and Heidemarie Falldorf.

Visits to Bückeburg Castle and Park, and the Mausoleum of Prince Ernst in Stadthagen, Germany, led by Oliver and Heidemarie Falldorf.

Exploring the first level of the Swan Pyramid built on the foundation of the Exterland Zodiac.

After many years of work in the Exterland Zodiac in Germany, which marks the throat chakra of the Swan landscape temple of Europe, the foundation was built and the four cornerstones laid, ready for building etherically a seven-stepped pyramid of light—a pyramid that is also associated with the landscape stretching from the Swan’s throat chakra (the Exterland Zodiac) to the Swan’s alta-major chakra focused on Schleswig (Gottorf Castle).

The seven steps of this etheric pyramid signify the Seven Heavens of soul consciousness which we can reach in this life or after we die. The Greater Mysteries, also known as the Rosicrucian Mysteries, are connected to this pyramid and with the building of what is known as the light-body or celestial body, which is our mortal psyche transmuted into an immortal soul. The Swan represents this celestial form of being, which can and does sing the Word of Truth. The Dionysian myth recounts this story as an allegory, in which the mortal Bull becomes the immortal Swan.

In the 12-year ‘Kali-Kalki’ cycle, 2020-2031—a great challenge and initiation for the whole world—we will play our part by helping to raise the vibration an octave, note by note, while circling the Exterland landscape zodiac and building the Pyramid. This is the ‘Swan Flight’ and ‘Swan Song’.

2021 marks the first level of the Pyramid and the first full note of the octave that begun in 2020 (E♭). This July 2021 weekend celebrates this first level and links it with the landscape and the historical Rosicrucian movement that prepared the way for what is happening now.

Exploring the land, its places and history will help us in this. We can discover that in former times people had known about all this and left traces for us to find and remember. For this, we will visit Bückeburg and Stadthagen and look for these traces of history, with Peter talking (via Zoom) about the connections and hidden meanings of these symbols not only for us individually but also for Europe and the whole world, and with Heidemarie giving us (via Zoom) some of the history of the people and places involved. As in all mysteries, we ourselves will be able to experience some of it—and, for those able to do this, actually visit the key sites led by Heidemarie and Oliver Falldorf.

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24/07/2021 @ 09:00
25/07/2021 @ 18:30
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