Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions, and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.
These core truths are taught and shared by means of various types of events, as well as videos, books, essays and information sheets.

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Now that the Covid lockdowns and restrictions of the last two years are largely over, this year is proving to be very busy and active. We have continued with the Zoom talks and meditations for those involved with the Swan of Europe landscape temple, and, as they have proved a welcome addition, we may well continue with further Zoom talks and open them out to a wider audience.

The 3-day experimental hybrid 'on-line + on-site' event in Germany and England, 'The Second Heaven' of the ongoing ‘Swan Flight through the Seven Heavens of the Rosicrucian Mysteries’, was immensely successful, and points the way to how future events of this sort might be arranged. These 'heaven' events are part of our working with the Swan of Europe landscape temple in conjunction with the main 'notes' of the Jupiter-Kalki-Kali Cycle that the world is now experiencing (see below).

The 9-day pilgrimage up the ‘Central Pillar’ of Portugal and on ‘beyond’ into Spanish Galicia, undertaken in May by 20 pilgrims as a ‘labour of love’, was a wonderful as well as powerful experience. This was followed by a reccy-pilgrimage in Ireland by a smaller group of pilgrims, in connection with Ireland’s north-south axis that is a continuation of the Portuguese-Galician Central Pillar. This whole north-south meridian is the one that the Gaelic-speaking Milesians followed on their journey to the Blessed Isles of the West (the British Isles), as the result of an oracle given to them. Their story and the wisdom they bore with them, and the wisdom that the Knights Templar used when they established and set out Portugal to be a ‘heaven on earth’, is of great importance to us now, as we traverse from one Great Age to the next.

One of the keys, of course, which we have always worked with, is that the land is our foundation, our support. All living things, including humanity, depends on the land. Without it we would be nowhere. And there is a profound wisdom as well as power in the land, waiting to be drawn forth and wisely, lovingly, used. To understand this, and to work with it in friendly ways, is a path to salvation – a saving grace.

Up-coming events include: -

  • a midsummer weekend in Cornwall, 'Celebrating Ceridwen's Cauldron of Poetic Inspiration' (24-26 June 2022).
  • a day event in Stratford-upon-Avon, 'Wisdom in the Land: Birthing the Light of the Shakespeare Swan' (2 July 2022).
  • a weekend summer school in the Exterland, Germany (22-24 July 2022).

The 2020-2031 Jupiter-Kalki-Kali Cycle

2022 is the third year of the 'end-time' 12-year Jupiter-Kalki-Kali cycle, involving the zodiac signs of Pisces and Virgo as the creative and responsive signs respectively. Both signs will produce associated challenges. Pisces will bring challenges of opposing motives, thoughts and actions. Virgo (which governs the solar plexus chakra, focus of the lower ego) will challenge all types of egoistic selfishness, such as greed for authoritarian power, money, fame, and possessions of any kind.

Time is the great Hierophant and Initiator, who teaches and tests in order to bring out the best efforts possible in terms of goodwill, good thought and good action. Kalki is the 'end-of-time' Avatar – the Rider on the white horse whose name is Faithful and True. To be faithful and true is exactly what is required of us – true in motive, true in thought, true in speech, true in action. And truth is love.

12 years is the cycle of time associated with the planet Jupiter in its apparent orbit around Earth. Esoterically, Jupiter represents the redemptive power of love – the mercy or grace of Divine Love. But mercy can only operate when there is true and trustworthy repentance. Jupiter is also the teacher, who teaches us wisdom, so that we can learn to live in more harmonious and loving ways.

The aim of this 'end-time' 12-year Jupiter-Kalki cycle is to raise the kundalini of the world and bring about not only a cleansing but a transformation, transmutation and enlightenment of the human race on a grand scale. The tests are severe; the opportunities are enormous. Christopher Fry's poem, 'A Sleep of Prisoners', is extra-pertinent right now. Here is an extract: -

Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul men ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise is exploration into God.
Where are you making for?
It takes so many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake, for pity’s sake?

For more information, see 'The Mahavatar Babaji'

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