Zoence Mystery School

The Zoence Mystery School operates via the special events and geocosmological pilgrimages. These will be found listed under Events, which show the programme of events for each year. All these are part of a greater mystery that Zoence is acting out, playing its role in the World Mystery as an act of service.

The Mystery

The word 'mystery', derived from the Greek word mysteria, refers to a play in which the truths of life are hidden but can be revealed through participation in the play.

The greatest mystery is that of life itself, in which we are all, as Shakespeare noted, actors on the stage of the world. However, the question is whether we are conscious of it or not, and whether we are good actors or not. If the answer is yes, then ultimately we not only discover the truth in an illuminating way but can learn to co-author the play.

Mystery Schools

Not surprisingly, for millennia it has been noted that we need help in this, not only to perceive that life is a mystery and we are actors in it, but also to understand it, discover our roles, perform our parts well and become co-authors. For this, mystery schools exist: the idea being to give each student a direct apprehension of truth by experiencing it by means of a particular mystery, rather than just acquiring academic knowledge.

Academic knowledge is an important preparation for the mysteries, augmenting and helping to elucidate the mystery experience; but it is the illuminating experience of the mystery that comprises the real knowledge of truth. For this reason academies and mystery schools go hand in hand with each other, complementing each other; and so it is with Zoence.

Mysteries of Initiation

In a mystery school the student enters into the mystery and thus becomes an initiate (from in-itio, meaning 'to enter in'). But this entering into the mystery and subsequent discovery of truth is done by degrees, a step (or degree) at a time. In this, each person has his or her own pace. What is lovely about a mystery is that it can usually be participated in by initiates at various stages and degrees of initiation.

Time and place play key roles in this: thus right timing and a suitable location in the landscape in which the mystery is enacted are both important; for in the mystery it is understood that man, nature and the spiritual world are inseparable, and that all three are involved in enacting the story.

A mystery set up by a mystery school is only partly man-made, for it serves a greater purpose and is part of a much greater mystery that is of divine origin. The setting up of a true mystery, therefore, only occurs through suitable inspiration and inner guidance, and is always for a good and loving purpose, as an act of service for the world. All true initiates will also have this purpose—to love, understand and serve the truth, which truth is love, or love in action. The initial expression of love as a loving purpose or will to love is the fundamental '1st degree' requisite for entering the mystery and becoming an initiate.

Moreover, each mystery, although initially designed and set up by the leaders or hierophants of the mystery school, gradually unfolds an underlying and previously unknown story from the divine Source that one could say is the real mystery. It is both the 'real' and the 'man-made' together that constitute the whole mystery. Like the Gemini—the immortal and mortal—they act as loving twins or partners.

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