Mystery School Events

During a Zoence Mystery School Event we take participants into a mystery. The event is always located in a special part of the landscape that is part of a landscape temple. We create and set up an outer mystery story based on the wisdom principles and our knowledge of the landscape and its mythology or mystery. Then, once that is in operation, besides enjoying what that produces we look out for the inner or hidden story that usually emerges as a divine gift, sometimes in surprising ways. This inner story may emerge just for each person, or for the whole group, or for something even greater, or for all three.

We construct the programme and outer mystery based on our knowledge of the Wheel of Life and process of life, which includes the sequence of alchemical elements and degrees of initiation, so as to give participants an experience by which they might understand further the mystery of life and of themselves, as also of the land and its mystery.

The themes that are taught separately in the Zoence Academy are woven together in these Zoence Mystery School Events in varying degrees and in ways appropriate to the place and people attending, the aim being to increase knowledge, find moments of illumination, to be of service by loving and appreciating each other, our environment and others, and to have fun!

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