Zoence Basics

Zoence Basics consists of some introductory information concerning the Three Great Archetypes. By reading Zoence Basics you will get some idea of the concepts with which we work, the language and symbolism we use, and, in the case of the Wheel of Life, how we lay it out as a mandala so as to create our ‘temple’ or sacred space.

Learning these things before attending the workshops will not only prepare you but also save time (and possible frustration to others) in the workshops, since it should mean that every Zoence student has at least this same basic knowledge.

The following Information Sheets constitute Zoence Basics:

'Creating a Wheel of Life Mandala' is a DVD video demonstration of how to lay out a mandala as an expression of the Wheel of Life. is highly recommended as an additional part of Zoence Basics, not only because of its teaching but also because in most of the Zoence workshops we set up a harmonious sacred space by making a mandala together as a group. It helps greatly if each workshop participant comes knowing something of how to make a Wheel of Life mandala. The DVD is available from the Bookshop.

Creating a wheel of life Mandala