Special Events

Zoence Special Events are geared to help increase the knowledge and skills of a person who wants to enter or who has already entered consciously and purposefully the great mystery of life, and in particular the mystery or mysteries with which Zoence works, including the World Mystery of which Zoence is a part.

Each Special Event is unique, but always takes place in a location that has a particular relevance to or plays a special part in the surrounding landscape and the greater landscape. It will always involve a mystery of some kind.

Depending on the event, various skills will be practised and developed, such as those involved in being a true pilgrim initiate—a sensitivity to, attunement with and simultaneous awareness of the three 'worlds' of spirit, soul and body (nature); the knowledge of and ability to discern the various levels and types of consciousness, and the beings that inhabit them; the ability to work with the Masters, angels and nature beings; the ability to recognise and work with landscape chakras and energy systems; the ability to work in a group and enter the mystery, in various roles; and, most of all, the ability to manifest the Divine Love in action and utilise all this for both personal and planetary healing and enlightenment.