Various main themes have been identified, developed and worked with over the years, and new themes may emerge as time progresses.

Below are listed the main themes.
A description of each theme is provided via the link.

Each Zoence workshop will focus on one or other of the main themes, but sometimes other themes may be touched upon, as they are all so integrated with each other.

Pilgrimage Skills

Pilgrimage has been practised from the most ancient times in all parts of the world, and still continues as a major activity. It is carried out by individuals for a variety of reasons, the most common being for religious devotion or a personal search for truth and transformation, or for a love of the land, or sacred places, or holy people.

True pilgrimage is always undertaken in a spirit of love and humility. This is the key to pilgrimage. Everyone longs for love and lives because of love, and so does everything. Nature and the earth are no exception. Moreover, just as people respond positively to love, so does nature and the environment.

Geocosmological Pilgrimage

To distinguish pilgrimage which sets out to love, heal and nourish the land, and all that live in it, from pilgrimage which is for purely religious or personal reasons, the name ‘geomantic pilgrimage’ is appropriate. However, it can also be cosmological, in the sense that to pilgrimage well involves a conscious co-operation with the spiritual or angelic spheres and the laws of creation, as also with the nature beings and intelligence of the earth. Therefore we refer to our form of pilgrimage as geocosmological pilgrimage.

By having a consciousness of spiritual realms and beings as well as being fully aware of earthly matters and places, simultaneously, helps to bring about the marriage of heaven and earth. In the Hermetic teachings, this marrying of heaven and earth is not only the means to accomplish the Great Work but is the Great Work.

Earth Healing

Geocosmological pilgrimage can be likened to working as a healer with the energy points, meridians and chakras of the earth's body, such as in the healing art of acupuncture. For, like the acupuncturist's needles, love can be fiery and stimulate. Likewise love can be soft and soothing, like healing balm or refreshing water, with which the body can be anointed or massaged, or cleansed and baptised. Love also vibrates with sound and light, and just as a spiritual healer can heal via the chakras, so can a pilgrim heal the earth.

To do any of this well is an art, and to know how, when, where and why is a science.