Various main themes have been identified, developed and worked with over the years, and new themes may emerge as time progresses.

Below are listed the main themes.
A description of each theme is provided via the link.

Each Zoence workshop will focus on one or other of the main themes, but sometimes other themes may be touched upon, as they are all so integrated with each other.

Meditation, Invocation and Prayer

The Cosmos or Chariot

Meditation, invocation and prayer make a natural, initiatic sequence relating to the creative process of life. Each needs the other to be complete. Meditation without prayer has no fruit. Prayer without meditation has no tree. Invocation is the link—the means by which the fruit manifests on the tree.

Meditation is a level of love and consciousness which is totally at peace. The mind becomes still and able to reflect, see and enjoy the pure light of truth, the light of love. This enjoyment is a fully intuitive and aware state of bliss.

Invocation is the calling upon something for assistance. When done with love, from a meditative state of consciousness and in the right way, the great spirits or angels of God can be invoked—each angel being an aspect of Divinity, and each having its own special function and power.

Prayer is the natural culmination of meditation and invocation. Prayer is a creative act of will, actively using the energies of love whilst in a meditative state of consciousness and working in co-operation with the great angels of Love. True prayer completes the experience of bliss as well as being a work of service.

To do this well is a science and an art..