• Peter Dawkins- personal web site, for more personal information, news and views.
  • The Francis Bacon Research Trust - explorations into the mystery connected with Sir Francis Bacon, Shakespeare, the Rosicrucians and Freemasons - a major gateway into the Western Wisdom Tradition.
  • Gatekeeper Trust - explorations into landscape temples, earth energies, spirit of place and the art of pilgrimage, and their potential for personal and planetary healing.
  • Earth Energy Network - an online resource for events devoted to Earth Healing, Geomancy, Earth Mysteries and Sacred Places.
  • Scientific & Medical Network - explorations in science and human experience beyond a materialist worldview - an interdisciplinary forum.
  • Celtic Trails - Personalised unique and stimulating tours of sacred sites in Scotland, based in Edinburgh area.
  • World Peace Mission - Change yourself, change the world; peace in the heart, peace in the home - through Kriya Yoga Meditation
  • kriyayoga.org.uk - Learn the ancient practice of Kriya Yoga Meditation with Swami Aliyananda Paramahansa