Various main themes have been identified, developed and worked with over the years, and new themes may emerge as time progresses.

Below are listed the main themes.
A description of each theme is provided via the link.

Each Zoence workshop will focus on one or other of the main themes, but sometimes other themes may be touched upon, as they are all so integrated with each other.

Inner Cosmology

The Cosmos or Chariot

‘Cosmos’ refers to a complete, orderly, harmonious system, in particular the world or universe, but it can also apply to a human being or any living creature, even a landscape.

Cosmos is created out of chaos by means of divine law or wisdom, which wills how chaotic matter should be disposed (i.e. what form it should take) and puts it into that form. This takes place first at the archetypal level of the divine mind, which could be considered the innermost level. It then manifests ever more outwardly, into the spiritual world, the psychological world and finally the natural or physical world.

The archetypal Cosmos is formed of the Three Great Archetypes, which is the basis for all further manifestation, which we experience at each level of consciousness in terms of the three dimensions of space (e.g. forward-behind, right-left, above-below) and three dimensions of time (past, present, future).

The Cosmos is, spatially, a three-dimensional Wheel of Life or chakra, whose archetypal structure is represented by the Cosmic Cross. This in turn relates to the Tree of Life, expressed in cosmic form as the ‘Throne’ or ‘Chariot’ (Hebrew: Merkabah) – the throne in which our divine self sits and the chariot by which we, as souls, ascend to heaven.

Not only does the Tree of Life indicate the paths to follow and the levels to attain, like a ladder of consciousness reaching to the highest heaven, but it also defines the cosmos of our being. In Cabala this is also known as the ‘Throne’ or ‘Chariot’ (Hebrew: Merkabah) This in turn is associated with the Wheel of Life and its connection with time and space – hence the chariot is described as having wheels, or as ‘wheels within wheels’.

By getting to know the cosmos or throne of our own psychological being in each of its aspects or ‘directions’, we can get to know ourselves intimately and see our strengths and weakness, our balances and imbalances, our lighter and our more shadowy characteristics, and learn how to improve and bring all to a more harmonious and perfect whole that can fulfil our purpose.

We can also learn to lift our cosmos, turning our 'throne' into a 'chariot' and rising through the higher levels and ‘worlds’ of consciousness. In this way we can experience and get to know not only our more spiritual selves but also those that help us – our guardians, guides, teachers and angels. Ultimately it is possible to experience and know the One Self, the divine 'I AM' – the 'All'.