Landscape Temples and Angels

Landscape Temples and Angels

An illustrated seminar first given by Peter Dawkins in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, in 2008.

A landscape temple is an area of landscape in which one or more the of the Three Great Archetypes manifest themselves in the landscape. These great archetypes underlie all form, including the human form, and in order to live harmoniously both with ourselves and our environment it is helpful, if not essential, to recognise and take notice of these archetypal patterns of energy and consciousness.
Another name for a spiritual archetype is angel, meaning ‘thought of God’. Each landscape temple has its own overlighting landscape angel, as well as its form being governed by and manifesting the Great Archetypes (Archangels).

Peter, a trained architect, geomancer and visionary who has researched landscape temples throughout the world and who has a clairvoyant perception of and communication with the angelic world as well as of the more subtle energy flows that move across and within the planet, will share some of his knowledge and discoveries in this illustrated talk.

This will include some insights concerning America and its geocosmological role in the world - a role in which North America is, or could be, the ‘Holy Grail’ of the planet and ‘Third Eye’ focus of the planetary illumination now dawning.

Such a role has been foreseen and, to some extent, prepared for by the initiates or elders of the human race for many centuries, even millennia.

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