Various main themes have been identified, developed and worked with over the years, and new themes may emerge as time progresses.

Below are listed the main themes.
A description of each theme is provided via the link.

Each Zoence workshop will focus on one or other of the main themes, but sometimes other themes may be touched upon, as they are all so integrated with each other.

Devas and Nature Spirits

Deva is a Sanskrit word for ‘angel’ and means ‘shining divine being’ or ‘god’. Its modern use in the Western Mystery tradition is to denote those particular angels who are concerned primarily with the creation and evolution of the forms of nature.

The smaller etheric beings that we term nature spirits work under the direction of the devas and can be understood to be aspects or specialised projections of the devas themselves, like cells in a body, just as all devas are aspects or projections of the Universal Deva, the One God.

The world of devas and nature spirits form a complementary brother-sisterhood of life and line of evolution to that of mankind, and have a special function to perform in the universe and on our planet. They overlight and pervade all nature.

Nature could not manifest and evolve without the help of the devas and their subordinates, the nature spirits. Sooner or later we have to recognise this, so that we can consciously co-operate with these spiritual beings in creating and evolving all natural forms of life and consciousness towards a state of enlightenment and beauty.

Landscape angels belong to this category of devas. These are those angels that oversee the creation and evolution of the landscape, such as landscape temples with their chakra systems, landscape zodiacs, and individual chakras and power points in the landscape.

It is possible to become aware of, recognise, work with and learn from the devas. They are our friends and, if we listen, our teachers. We also have things to teach and share usefully with them. Working together, we could create paradise on earth.