Zoence Consultants

Peter Dawkins [personal details and qualifications]
Sarah Dawkins [personal details and qualifications]
Depending on time and location, advice and help can be given in the following areas:

  • Healing homes, work places and environments
  • Healing the person and ancestral family tree
  • Discovering and working with one's life purpose and initiatic path

Geomancy/Feng Shui/Geocosmology

Historically societies all over the world have had an appreciation of the fact that whatever we do has an effect on our environment and the environment has an effect on us, not just physically but also psychologically. Fundamentally everything is energy of one kind or another, and many of the problems we encounter in our lives can be attributed to a lack of harmony created by disturbed or blocked energy patterns, physical and subtle, in our environment, and visa versa. Like our physical body, the physical environment can be hurt or damaged, can have parts of it misplaced or missing, or can be weak or sick from various causes. Underlying and linked to the body is the mind or psyche, and each affects the other. In many cases it is possible to cleanse, rebalance, harmonise and transmute the energy patterns both in ourselves and in our environment, bringing about a general healing and an increase in well-being.

At a deeper level, it is recognised that there is a spiritual aspect to ourselves, what we do, the lives we lead and the places we choose to inhabit or construct—a spiritual aspect that should not be ignored. For complete harmony and therefore health and happiness there needs to be a harmony between all three worlds—natural, human and spiritual. This is the role of geocosmology. This is also what Feng Shui in its fullest meaning is about, the name of which means 'wind-water', the ancient symbolism for heaven and earth, or spirit and matter, as for instance used in the account of Creation in the Hebraic-Christian Bible (Genesis 1. 1-2).