Various main themes have been identified, developed and worked with over the years, and new themes may emerge as time progresses.

Below are listed the main themes.
A description of each theme is provided via the link.

Each Zoence workshop will focus on one or other of the main themes, but sometimes other themes may be touched upon, as they are all so integrated with each other.

Ceremonial Skills

Ceremony is a form of ritual enacted as a celebration of something or someone. It can be simple or elaborate. The key to good ceremony is its beauty and aptness in both design and performance. When done well and for a good purpose, a ceremony can heal, nourish, inspire, uplift and give joy to its participants and spread an influence far and wide that is both beneficial and powerful.

Zoence particularly works with three forms of ceremony: a fire ceremony, a grail ceremony and a love feast. Each of them is used to celebrate the Great Festivals, solar and lunar, although they can be used at other times as well. The symbolic focus of a fire ceremony is, as the name implies, a fire, whilst that of both the grail ceremony and love feast is a ‘holy grail’ or loving cup. All of them are dedicated to sacred or holy purposes and involve meditation, invocationĀ and prayer.

The love feast is a sacred meal enjoyed together by friends in intimate surroundings, at the culmination of which a loving cup (or cup of friendship/fellowship) is shared. The idea is very ancient and many forms of love feast have been practised down the ages by different cultures, such as the Agape of the Greeks and Qadosh of the Jews (the name of the former being derived from agape, ‘love’, and the latter from qadosh, ‘holiness’), upon which the ‘Last Supper’ eaten by Jesus and his closest disciples was based.

The grail ceremony likewise culminates in the sharing of a cup of wine, symbolic of the Holy Grail, but does not involve a meal during the actual ceremony. Instead, it is a ceremony of song, dance, chant, meditation, invocation and prayer, based around a mandala or wheel of lifeā€” a ‘Round Table’.

The fire ceremony takes place around a fire, which itself is the centrepiece of a mandala or wheel of life. Fires have formed the focus of festival celebrations for millennia in virtually all countries of the world. Our fire ceremony is one that is based on a synthesis of Western and Eastern tradition, reinvented for practical use in our day and age. As with the grail ceremony and love feast, there is a profound science behind its ritual and an art in doing it well.