Wahrheiten aus dem Urgrund ewiger Freude

Wahrheiten aus dem Urgrund ewiger Freude

von Peter Dawkins

Das Grundlagenwerk westlicher Weisheitstraditione Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Marianne Rieke

Hardcover, 232 Seiten, mit 118 farbigen Illustrationen,
Großformat 21 x 28 cm, EUR 34,95 (Sheema Median Verlag, 2008)

ISBN 13: 978-3-931560-16-4

- German translation by Marianne Rieke of:

Core Truths of Eternal Delight

by Peter Dawkins

A synthesis of the core truths of the Wisdom traditions and modern discoveries, revealing how the Three Great Archetypes - the Wheel of Life, Chakra System and Tree of Life - underlie the human being and all of nature, governing our very existence. The book includes sections on sacred architecture, townscape, landscape, time cycles, festivals, creation, evolution and initiation.

Hardcover, 232pp, 118 full-colour illustrations, large format 21 x 28 cm, Euro 34,95. (Sheema Median Verlag, 2008)


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