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Pathways to Wisdom:
Core Truths of the Western Wisdom Traditions

Zoence draws on and synthesises the essence of the ancient Wisdom traditions, and presents the core truths with new discoveries and insights for the world of today and tomorrow.

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Zoence Academy & Mystery School

The Academy teaches via talks, seminars and workshops, plus information sheets, books, videos and study papers.

The Mystery School provides practical and mystical experience of all these truths, and more, via the special events, geocosmological pilgrimages and paneurhythmy.

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'Faithful & True' (5-6 October 2019) – Zoence weekend retreat at the renowned Jupiter Artland in Scotland. Led by Peter and Sarah Dawkins.

'Exploring the Beauty of Portugal – The Middle Pillar' (14-21 May 2020) – A Grail Pilgrimage within the ‘Face’ of Europe – a magical landscape temple in Portugal that stretches up the middle of Portugal, from Faro in the south to Montalegre in the north. Led by Peter and Sarah Dawkins, Jonathan Tod and Tara Donovan.

Landscape Zodiacs:

'The British Landscape Zodiac'. The Celts recognised both the equal-sign and unequal-sign zodiac, which archetypal pattern they laid out across the country as a landscape zodiac. They also used a ten-fold division of the zodiac. Later cultures, including the 16th/17th century Rosicrucians, recognised and worked with this landscape zodiac. It is a key to understanding British mythology, including Shakespeare, as well as the land of Britain.

Scotland and ireland also have their landscape Zodiacs. The Three Lands of Scotland, Ireland and Britain form a Trinity, mythologised as the Triple Goddess, which is a key to their evolution and role on the world stage.

Landscape zodiacs elsewhere in Europe and the world have also been discovered, researched and are gradually being made known for the benefit of humanity and nature.

Videos (free):

'Building the Light Body' – an illustrated seminar given by Peter Dawkins in two parts:- (1) 'The Transformation of Psyche from Natural to Spiritual Soul'; ( 2) 'Building Solomon's Temple'.

'The Gatekeeper' and 'The Wheel of Life Project' – videos of talks given by Peter Dawkins at the Gatekeeper Trust Conference 2016, are available free on YouTube.

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